Spacing stud bolts CPE 100

SKU: CPE 100

Low voltage insulators in polyester material for panelboards and switchgears



Product Description

UL Certification File Nr. E502533 for category QEUY2/8 for use below 1000V
File Nr. E502534 for category DLAR2/8 for use above 1000V
Material Polyester material reinforced with fiberglass BMC RF 3/20
Operating Temperature °C: – 40° + 130°
Fire reaction UL94-V0 File Nr. E205214
HL2 according to the EN45545-2
Thread Material Galvanized Steel
H 100 mm
E M10: 20 mm / M12: 20 mm / M16: 24 mm
Tightening Torque M10: 24 Nm / M12: 40 Nm / M16: 55 Nm
Operating Voltage 8000 V
A.C. surface flashover voltage 30 KV
A.C. internal flashover voltage 50 KV
Tensile stress 3.000 DN
Cantilever stress 1.500 DN
Compressive stress 15.000 DN
Twisting stress 15 DN x mm
Package 5 pcs
Weight of package 2,80 kgs

Spacing stud bolts CPE 100

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