Standoff insulators DB/P

Isolatore bassa tensione DB con disegno


Standoff insulators DB/P

Low voltage insulators manufactured by compression moulding and made only in polyester material reinforced with fiberglass BMC RF 3/20 certified UL and classified HL2 according to EN45545-2.

UL certified:
File Nr. E502533 category QEUY2/8 for use below 1000V
File Nr. E502534 category DLAR2/8 for use above 1000V

On request we can supply the insulators with:

  • female inserts made of stainless steel 
  • female inserts in inches sizes
  • one or two male connections type “AM” set and locked

Our standoff insulators DB/P are tested for short-circuit withstand strenght according to the EN61439-2.